Through our Red Arrow partners – smoking, grilling and browning offer unique and novel food processing solutions to the food industry. Areas of expertise are:

    Smoke Condensates
    Chargrill , Grill & Roast Flavours
    Browning Agents

Redbrook food technologists offer assistance and guidance in application of these products to all types of food preparations. Smoke condensates for a distinct smoke aroma that imparts a refined, savoury and rich flavour and colour. These are produced from the controlled pyrolysis of hardwoods and mixed hardwoods, including Mesquite, Hickory, Oak, Maple, Beech, Cherrywood and Applewood. Smoke preparations can be added to an assortment of food products such as meat, poultry, seafood, sauces, cheeses, snacks and petfoods.

Grill, Chargrill & Roast Flavours

“Cooked flavours” for a distinct flavour that imparts a delicious variety of cooked tastes to a variety of food products, such as meats, vegetables, snacks, spices, sauces and prepared meals. Grill flavours range from a pure clean fatty note through to heavy chargrill notes associated with a barbeque, which enhance fatty notes, impart an outdoor grill flavour and helps to cover off-flavours of starches, vegetable proteins and prepared foods.

The Roast flavours range include roast chicken, spit roasted pork and a deliciously slow roasted prime rib of beef. All of the flavours have been developed to give your products that special authenticity note associated with regional cooking methods.


Browning enhancers will accelerate the natural browning process without affecting flavour and with a minimum of heat technology. These products accelerate the browning process when applied to any protein food surface, for example roasted meats. They work well in all types of hot applications including microwave. They can also decrease the cooking phase leading to increased product throughput and cooking yields. These preparations are produced from either potato dextrose or pyrolysed wood sawdust to give accurate control on the browning of food products.