Through our strong global network of agencies Redbrook bring to the Irish market nich functional ingredients and brands such as;

Established in 1850 in Belgium, Cosucra offers a range of functional pea and chicory root ingredient extracts. These include fibres, proteins, starches and sugars for the food industry.This product range provides “clean” functional ingredients with the added benefit of dietary product claims e.g. Added Dietary Fibre, Contains Pre-biotic etc.

Product Range Includes;

    Pea Protein – Pisane
    Native and Modified Pea Starches – Nastar
    Pea Fibre – Swelite
    Extract from the Chicory Root, Inulin, a known pre-biotic – Fibruline


    Value added meat, fish and poultry
    Vegetarian Products
    Canned Meats
    Low fat and fat replacement products
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Ripon Select Foods is an independent family business founded in 1974 at Ripon, North Yorkshire. The company has an 8 acre site at Ripon that encompasses a Flour Mill, Rusk, Breadcrumb & Batter Factories as well as an Administration Block, Laboratories & Warehousing.

Product Range

    Batters & Breaders: A full range of adhesive and Tempura batters. Breaders – a blend of breadcrumb herbs and flavours e.g. Garlic and Herb, Parsley etc…
    Litebite is a high quality premium product for a lighter, crispier, melt in the mouth taste. Primary function is as a coating for fish, chicken & other meat products.
    Samurai provides a novel light crisp coating that is resistant to breakdown during product coating. Primary function is as a coating for fish, chicken & other meat products.

Redbrook have just recently teamed up with Ocean Nutrition Canada, ONC to offer the Irish food and drink industry omega-3 fish oil EPA/DHA fortification capability.Ocean Nutrition have the World’s largest production capacity for Omega-3 EPA/DHA concentrates from fish oil. The Omega-3 is taken from anchovy and sardine fish and is a by-product of the fish meal industry.

    MEG-3: The Best Source of Fish Oil
    Only Fish Oil Contains Both EPA & DHA
    MEG-3® Healthy Food Ingredient is a purified, powdered fish oil ingredient.
    When added to your food product, it has no impact on taste, smell, or consistency of your food product.
    MEG-3® Healthy Food Ingredient is also highly concentrated so that you can provide your consumers with the most beneficial amount of EPA and DHA in a single serving.

The Veos Group specialize in the processing of blood for use as a functional meat protein. They were established in 1974 in Belgium and employ roughly 150 people in both Belgium and France.

Product Range

    Functional Whole Blood Proteins
    Plasma and Hemoglobin Powders
    Concentrated Liquid Plasma both Porcine and Bovine….23% Protein
    Hemo Colour – natural colour for cooked meats
    Pet Food Grade Proteins


    Cooked and Cured Meats
    Burger, Sausage and Pates
    Canned Meats of all Varieties
    Natural colour addition to meat systems

Hulshof’s Protein Technologies manufacture a pure natural collagen fibre. They were established in the Netherlands in 1993 and employ over 25 people.

Product Range

    Collapro and Collapro VF.
    Collapro is 94 % meat protein in its dry form, it’s available in both Porcine and Bovine species.
    Collapro is white to off-white fibre in colour with a neutral taste and smell.


    Reformed cooked and cured meats.
    Comminuted meat products, ideal for beef burger application.
    Canned foods.
    Cost effective meat addition.
    Benefits for the quality of product such as:
    Better structure
    Better bite/mouthfeel
    Better slicing (less waste)
    No water purge
    Increase of meat content
    No E-number declaration

Fibrisol Service Limited is one of the UKs leading producers of technically advanced specialty blends for the food processing industry.

Product Range

    Fibricure – functional systems for cooked and cured meats containing nitrites and nitrates.
    Fibrisol – blends designed for uncured meat systems.
    Curaphos – custom designed phosphate blends for meat applications.
    Tapiocaline -fat mimic for succulence in cooked meats.


    Cooked and cured meat systems.
    Functional brine systems for value added poultry, pork, beef & lamb.
    Fat replacement technology for comminuted and reformed meats
    Premium bacon curing systems.
    Yield enhancing ingredients.