Redbrook Ingredient Services has New Product Development facilities based in our headquarters in Dublin. Here products are developed and designed based on briefs submitted by the Redbrook team of food technologists. This allows Redbrook to supply customised recipes and formulations as per the specific requirements of each individual customer.

Once products have been trialled and approved by the customer, newly developed products are transferred to Redbrook BlenTech for manufacture. This also means that the pack sizes can be dictated by each customer if required, to suit production batch size etc….

This flexibility enables Redbrook to create a technical relationship with our customer to ultimately deliver creative, novel and unique finished products to the supermarket shelves or the catering sectors.

Products developed by Redbrook include:

    Dry Glazes
    Cure Systems
    Snack Seasonings
    Liquid Flavour Emulsion Systems
    Sausage & Burger Seasonings/Mixes
    Decorative Coatings