Meat & Poultry

Redbrook – Business Built on a Technical Relationship, Understanding You, Your Product, Your Process, Your Customer and Your Market Place…………….

Redbrook pride ourselves on our knowledge of injection systems for the meat and poultry industry.

Our food technologists work closely with customers within this sector understanding ingredient functionality and ultimately helping our customers via a well established technical relationship develop products fit for a competitive market place.

Our meat and poultry systems can be categorised under the following headings;

    Yield Enhancement
    Curing Systems (Wet & Dry Cured Meats)


Innovative, clever, functional systems have been developed for meat tenderization purposes. Redbrook Tenderize is a blend of functional ingredients designed to tenderize pork, lamb and beef. It works by manipulating muscle pH hence softening and tenderizing meat products. It be injected or tumbled into product. Redbrook Tenderize will offer tenderization as well as yield benefits.


Yield enhancement and its degree will vary on product, customer and market place. For these reasons Redbrook food technologists discover the essential customer requirements and tailer make or design a yield enhancement system to facilitate requirements.

We believe understanding all paramets involved from raw material, through production and the final customer helps us be successful in giving our customers the right solution for yield enhancement.

3. CURING SYSTEMS for Wet & Dry Cured Meat Products:

Redbrook have been working with cured meats for 20 years be it corned beef, bacon or cooked ham.

Over this period we have designed, manufactured and distributed curing systems for some of the best known brands in both Ireland and the UK.

We work closely with manufactures bringing them the most up to date and cutting edge ingredients for cured meat application.

    Dry Cures
    Wet Cures
    Cooked Ham Cures
    Novel Dry Cures (Using vegetable extracts containing a high natural level of nitrate)
    Fortified Cooked Ham Cures (Omega-3 & Pre-biotic fortification)


Healthy eating is on everybody’s agenda and to offer the meat industry a fortified product for some may be controversial?

Redbrook have conducted work in this area successfully fortifying pork with omega-3 fish oil without affecting the flavour profile. In cooked ham we have offered health options incorporating dietary fibre and pre-biotic.