Redbrook Ingredient Services was established in 1992 and has since developed and expanded into the Redbrook Group consisting of:

● Redbrook Ingredient Services Ltd.

● Redbrook BlenTech Ltd.

● Unique Ingredients Ltd., UK

● Dandy Lion, UK

● Redbrook BlenTech was established in 2002. It offers Redbrook Ingredient Services increased flexibility and advanced product offerings such as custom designed functional powdered blends and liquid flavoured emulsions.

● In the UK, Unique Ingredients was founded in 1997 to facilitate Red Arrow distribution, a global leader in smoke condensates, browning and grilling. In 2008 Unique Ingredients gained the agency for German meat specialists Van-Hees. Pioneers of phosphate use in meat Van-Hees offer innovative, high quality, functional products to the meat industry world-wide.

● In May 2006 the Redbrook Group acquired Dandy Lion, a honey blending facility based in Daventry in the UK. Dandy Lion supply honey and honey blends to the meat, confectionery and cereal industries in the UK & Ireland.

The group employs 35 people distributing 5,000 tonnes of food ingredient systems to the meat, snack and cereal industries throughout Ireland and the UK.