edbrook have been designing and manufacturing curing compounds in Ireland for the past 10 years. Internally Redbrook have over 30 years experience in the cured meats sector.

Our range of cures for butchers and processors and designed to facilitate ease of use but also to produce a traditional well cured product. Both wet and dry cure methods are catered for within our range with dry curing in particular increasing in popularity with craft butchers and artisan producers alike.

Cure Range

18151 Redicure – 2.6Kg Sachet
18152 Kolorfix – 1Kg Sachet
18326 Redbrook Vitabrine – 12.5Kg
26032 Redbrook Sea Salt Dry Cure – 10Kg
18321 Redbrook Palatinata Cure – 20Kg
18333 Redbrook Butchers Traditional Dry Cure – 10Kg
18322 Redbrook Butchers Cure – 20Kg
Legislation regarding preservatives used in cured meats, raw and cooked has gone through some amendments in recent years. Redbrook work closely with all their customers on legislative matters guiding and offering advice where possible. If you have any queries regarding preservative legislation please contact us.

A thought on the art of curing meats;

“Raw and cooked cured meat products such as dry cured bacon and wet cured cooked ham, constitute one of the most representative traditional foods that have been produced and consumed throughout history by a diversity of cultures in different areas of the world”